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Name:Andy Williams, or rather, Andivad.

I am well aware of gary studom.
[prιnce andιvad oғ тнe goвlιn ĸιngdoм]

Andivad (An-deh-vod, or Andy) is an OC that happens after a young lady and her Goblin King get more than G rated. He's 20 years old, and lives in the castle in the center of the labyrinth, overlooking Goblin City. He only has a fraction of his father's powers. He can turn into a grackle at will, has the ability to change his clothes in the blink of an eye, and although he can't contact juggle, he does have the ability to make and use crystal balls. He can't trap people in dream-states, but he can turn crystals into Other Stuff. He can and often does break the law of gravity. As a child, he was tutored by many different "Greatest (swordsman/tactician/horse rider/wizard) in the six kingdoms" and was bored half to death by his studies. He's a middling swordsman, a completely awful tactician ("why bother? That's what I pay the royal tactician to do!"), a superb horse rider, and a natural wizard. He just wants to travel and meet new, exciting people from new, exciting lands.

What Andy likes to do in his spare time is go into the human realm and learn about humanity. They're REALLY WEIRD! Whoever heard of not using magic to solve all of life's problems. Psssh. With a tongue as silver as his father's, and the curiosity of his mother, he is often found charming practically everyone, from the Six Kingdoms to the human realm.

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Well over 18. Prefer playing with people 18+, just due to squickfactor.

[pв/canon/copyrιgнт ιnғo]

His PB is Francois TElombre. He's based off Labyrinth, which is Henson/Froud/Bowie.

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